How To Travel Business Class Without Paying The Price? Upgrade Tickets Into Business Class

For all those who have travelled first and business class know that the luxury and comfort is unparalleled. The services leave you fresh and rejoiced after long hours of international travelling and no matter what you do, you can’t get over the experience. With fine chocolates to fine china, you want to cherish every moment you spend flying business class. There is definitely more than a reason why you should upgrade tickets into business class.First of all, become elite. If you travel frequently then this service is going to help you a lot more than you think. If you are not a frequent flyer, then use your credit card to get bonus points for sign up and purchases. You can always of course upgrade your miles. Be sure to check that this option is available. This way you can buy a premium ticket with your miles and upgrade it to a more expensive seat. Note that almost all airlines will now also charge a cash fee and your miles to upgrade.Some airlines also offer discounted upgrades about 6 hours before the flight. Make sure you ask if you are willing to pay the price. This definitely is a lot cheaper than buying the business class ticket itself. These last minute upgrades are available if there is space on the aircraft and are not a guaranteed bet every time.Newsletters like the First Class Flyer help you stay on the top of your game. The seats go on sale throughout the year and you can find discounted flights easily. You just have to know where to look. This way you can save tremendously on first and business class tickets and get to enjoy the upgrade too.Thanks to competition from local airlines, there have been noticeable drops in airfares in the market.
Lookout for weekends and the holiday season, these are the times you should avoid travelling. This is when you will find the business and first class seats majorly booked and you won’t be able to find a cheap upgrade for yourself. Make sure you avoid this season to fly so you have better chances at finding yourself good deals.Lookout for offers where you can buy miles. Buying miles is a lot cheaper than buying tickets and you can claim a lot of them for the same trip. It is also wise to volunteer for an upgrade and be willing to give up your seat for a later flight if it does not hinder with your plans. With an American Express Platinum card you can even rest in international lounges for free.

Your Travel Biz – Three Essential Points

More and more people want to make money from home. One great way to do so is by running a home-based travel business. Maybe you’ve already started one; maybe you’re still in the planning stage, and are thinking about trying Your Travel Biz (YTB) Travel. Whatever your circumstances, the potential for profit is huge, but you do need to first learn the best ways to find success.Doing well in the multilevel marketing (MLM) business depends largely upon three pieces of knowledge: what a good company is, what a good team is, and how to be a successful entrepreneur.First, don’t get ahead of yourself. Maybe a particular deal sounds terrific and you want to jump at the opportunity. Instead of leaping in, though, be patient. The best way to do well is to learn the business from the ground up. After you’ve attained a thorough knowledge of the basics, you’ll find that this background will reap great rewards.How can you tell when a company is good? Well, you definitely want one that is well managed and offers a valuable product in today’s competitive world. You might have considered YTB Travel along the way. I’ve looked at this business, but the problem is that they don’t give enough details about their product. What makes it stand out from the pack? What makes it a must-have? Without this knowledge, it’s hard to get behind the company.It is possible to make money with YTB. The thing is, you must have come up with an effective way to make yourself and your team do well. It’s vital to know how to put your plan into action.There are some attractive aspects to YTB. The company has survived in a competitive industry while other businesses have floundered. Clearly, someone involved with this business is doing a lot of things right. This proves that you, too, can be successful when working with YTB, as long as you put in the necessary research and hard work. While no business is without risk, the effort you exert will directly correlate to your results. If you have the drive to come out on top, you’ll stand a far better chance than that of someone who doesn’t try as hard.Of course, to do well, you must put together a strong team. You need to surround yourself with quality people. No matter how your YTB business does, the contacts you establish while building it will prove key to your future success. You never know when you’ll need the help of someone you met along the way. It is especially necessary for travel business newcomers to pay attention to this point. Essentially, stay focused and make the moves that will most benefit you.Be careful when seeking out a team. Ask what their recruitment methods are; learn what sort of training they give to new members. Anyone who doesn’t give you a straight answer is someone you don’t want on your team. On the other hand, if you have a gut feeling about a team, don’t be too quick to say no. Ask for clarification of any confusing issues so that you are better able to judge whether the team is worth working with.Finally, realize that you yourself are the key to whether you will succeed. You might find a good company and a good team, but your MLM business won’t stand a chance if you aren’t committed to it. Work to your strengths. If you’re at your best when speaking to people on the phone or in person, concentrate on those aspects. If instead you excel at Internet recruiting, aim your talents in that direction. Work with your team to create a balanced, powerful YTB business that will meet your goals.

Truth in Travel Pricing

None of us should be surprised at these quotes from a travel article in the (Oct 2008) by Stephen Bleach:”Massive discounts on cruises were exposed as a con last week after leading line Fred Olsen admitted it had not sold a single cruise at full price for a year.”A further quote from the managing director of the line, Mike Rodwell:”the big American operators started it and the rest had to follow.”Another surprise. On the same laptop page as this excellent article were three Google ads offering:”Cruise Deals. Search The Top Online Cruise Deals. Read Reviews & Book Online Today.” Followed by:”Cruise Discounts 75% Off, All cruise lines, all destinations.” And another:”Huge Alaska Cruise Sale, Free Upgrades, Exclusive Deals & More with Guaranteed Lowest Prices!”The travel operators behind these advertisements must think the travelling public is naive or even stupid but they would probably not use them if they did not work.Also, these Google ads were run against a very negative, but truthful article about misleading advertising for cruises.The travelling public continues to be treated with disdain by travel operators and advertising companies, not only by cruise lines and airlines but by all types of travel suppliers. What could be more misleading and false advertising than an airline advertising their fares in headlines that shout out:”$49. one-way to Smithville” IN LARGE PRINT, and then:
‘based on return purchase, plus all taxes, surcharges for fuel, surcharges for security, checked baggage is extra, seat selection fees, and on and on and on.” And by the way, have fuel surcharges been reduced enough?Not only cruise prices and airfares but also consider hotel pricing that often requires much investigation as regards the offered discounts:”75% off! But off of what? A rack-rate that is rarely charged?And, why can you often get cheaper rooms at an online reservation office than at the hotel front desk even when you are in their lobby and ready to book?Next in line for pricing questions could be the packaged holiday market. How many of these are sold at the brochure price? Or, as with the above cruise line, are packaged tour operators simply following the lead of others?Not only is the public being mislead by questionable advertising and pricing practices but once captured by a cruise line, airline or packaged resort operator they can be open to additional gouging whilst onboard the ship, aircraft or resort.Apart from the onboard costs of alcoholic drinks which should be at duty-free prices (i.e. cheaper than onshore). Extras, such as shore excursions can also be more expensive when purchased onboard rather than ashore or even pre-departure using the internet. Similarly with resorts that have onsite booking agencies for off-resort activities. The prices are often cheaper when purchased directly from the operators or again at pre-departure directly over the internet. Airlines however, who are charging for all sorts of basic amenities from blankets, pillows, soft drinks and soon even water may not be free, have a more captive audience (the movie, ConAir comes to mind) and will continue to be the most reviled part of the travel experience.There is hope for the future but so far only in Europe. In 2009 new rules for advertising standards will come into effect offering more protection for travellers. We must hope that these new rules will eventually spread to the rest of the world with further improvements to protect consumers worldwide.In the travel industry. Where has the originality and creativity gone? Where are the leaders? Where has “lead, follow or get out of my way” gone? Only the followers know.Another aspect of travel pricing is when consumers want to handle their own travel arrangements directly with the operators of hotels, lodges, tours and transportation. The pricing should reflect the fact that the products are being purchased directly from the source and not at the retail level. In other words, reduce the price by the commission that would have been paid to an agent, broker or retailer and give the traveller a direct booking discount. This action could encourage more travellers to make their own direct bookings, leading to more business and a competitive edge for the operator.Of course, the traditional distribution channels have to be protected as many consumers require help and assistance and as yet not everyone has or wants the internet.Travel providers do not normally show different prices on their websites as this could lead to potential clients seeking advice at the retail level and then booking directly with the operator to get a discounted price. It is unfair for retailers to lose their commissions when they have performed services for their travel-trade clients.Consumers on the other hand, if they do not need expert advice or booking services, should have the opportunity to go directly to the source and get a direct booking discount.Originality and creativity has returned to the travel industry. Travel providers are now able to offer travellers a direct booking discount service by using a new travel voucher system that has been introduced. With a website and the internet they can now reach out to the global travel community, not just travel agency or local traffic.Any travel operator, from the smallest b&b to the grandest lodge or luxury tour, can offer this service. The voucher values represent the normal commissions that would have been paid out to sellers of travel but now will be given back to the buyers of travel. And, the discounted price does not have to show on their websites.The service is leading with this new initiative and now wants to promote the thousands of small travel providers and other businesses around the world that do not use selling agents and therefore do not have sales commissions built into their pricing. The operators of the voucher service suggest that lower yields with higher volumes of direct booking discount travellers may achieve better overall returns.Members of a new online travel club can get these vouchers free with membership and non-members can purchase them at deep discounts to their face values at another similar website. At present there are vouchers covering travel in over seventy countries from b&b’s to adventure and luxury tours.The Club operators say that they do not charge businesses for listing their services as long as they participate in issuing vouchers enabling members to get direct booking discounts.There are many directories linking the world of travel to the world of travellers but this new concept offers a directory with discounts on every travel selection if you are willing and able to handle your own travel bookings and arrangements directly with the listed operators.The club operators are aware that many travel operators will continue to adhere to the business style of Mike Rodwell of Fred Olsen Lines and will continue to follow rather than lead and it is unlikely that they will ever be represented by this travel club. They are also aware that there are enough independent travel businesses that will find that their new business style of expanded selections and direct booking discounts is a better way of offering travel directly to consumers around the world.