How To Travel Business Class Without Paying The Price? Upgrade Tickets Into Business Class

For all those who have travelled first and business class know that the luxury and comfort is unparalleled. The services leave you fresh and rejoiced after long hours of international travelling and no matter what you do, you can’t get over the experience. With fine chocolates to fine china, you want to cherish every moment you spend flying business class. There is definitely more than a reason why you should upgrade tickets into business class.First of all, become elite. If you travel frequently then this service is going to help you a lot more than you think. If you are not a frequent flyer, then use your credit card to get bonus points for sign up and purchases. You can always of course upgrade your miles. Be sure to check that this option is available. This way you can buy a premium ticket with your miles and upgrade it to a more expensive seat. Note that almost all airlines will now also charge a cash fee and your miles to upgrade.Some airlines also offer discounted upgrades about 6 hours before the flight. Make sure you ask if you are willing to pay the price. This definitely is a lot cheaper than buying the business class ticket itself. These last minute upgrades are available if there is space on the aircraft and are not a guaranteed bet every time.Newsletters like the First Class Flyer help you stay on the top of your game. The seats go on sale throughout the year and you can find discounted flights easily. You just have to know where to look. This way you can save tremendously on first and business class tickets and get to enjoy the upgrade too.Thanks to competition from local airlines, there have been noticeable drops in airfares in the market.
Lookout for weekends and the holiday season, these are the times you should avoid travelling. This is when you will find the business and first class seats majorly booked and you won’t be able to find a cheap upgrade for yourself. Make sure you avoid this season to fly so you have better chances at finding yourself good deals.Lookout for offers where you can buy miles. Buying miles is a lot cheaper than buying tickets and you can claim a lot of them for the same trip. It is also wise to volunteer for an upgrade and be willing to give up your seat for a later flight if it does not hinder with your plans. With an American Express Platinum card you can even rest in international lounges for free.