A Canadian “Time Out” for the Traveling Business Executive

Business travelers stopping in the Toronto area can now experience the Canadian wilderness just one hour from the Toronto Airport. They can choose a customized time window with a one on one guided outdoor experience. They can bike or hike through the Carolinian Forest or travel by raft, canoe and kayak down the beautiful Grand River near Paris, Ontario.Many businessmen, executives and corporate visitors wish to catch a taste of the Canadian wilderness, but time is limited, skills are “green” and where to go is unknown. The Grand River Rafting Company offers learning adventures tailored to the executive time frame, skill level and desired expectations in the Grand River Valley.Transportation to the valley can be arranged through car, shuttle service links, train or plane. Each outdoor adventure is designed to the requested time frame of the customer. The trips can vary from 2 hours to half day, full day, evening, moonlight or two days. People wishing overnight accommodations can choose hotels, wilderness camp sites or local hospitality at recommended Bed & Breakfasts. Dining arrangements or camp/meal outfitting services are available along with evening countryside tours by foot, bike or vehicle.Visiting executives unsure of skills can relax under the instruction of certified guides. For canoe and kayak trips on the Grand River the guide teaches the paddling skills as the customer does the river trip. This unique concept of on-river-instruction is the best way to experience everything. The Grand River averages one meter in depth. This is an excellent river for beginners to experience the Canadian wilderness in total safety. The trips are designed to be relaxing with a one on one skilled instructor/guide traveling along side. As a result… techniques are learned, water reading skills are taught and confidence is coached.For those preferring not to canoe or kayak the Grand River, leisure rafting is another excellent option. Age, size, skill and agility do not matter when it comes to rafting. These boats are stable and can accommodate deck chair platforms for executives not wishing to paddle. The guides narrate a story telling journey of the valley as the customer breathes in a panoramic wilderness. There are also evening rafting drifts that offer solitude and excellent wildlife viewing. Moonlight paddles through a world of night silhouettes and sound can be experienced on full moons.Experiencing everything around is what a successful trip is all about. People can drink from fresh flowing springs, body surf a swift and hike to sky-bound cliffs. There is an abundance of wildlife, fish and birds to discover. The valley is rich in native history, settlement sites and times of steamship travel. This is the area of the American 1812 burning spree, the land of the Attawandaron, Huron and Mohawk. There are plants to taste, ancient medicinal arts and the towering Carolinian Forest. The fishing is excellent there is an abundance of smallmouth bass and seasonal steelhead trout. The entire valley offers a unique flavour of Canadian wilderness.A Grand River wilderness learning adventure is a definite Canadian “Time Out”, for any executive traveling through Southern Ontario.